My love will never fade!

I love you! Yes I do! But you are my best of best friends. I’m a person full of attitude and ego but when it comes to you, I’m always ready to shed them all. I need nothing from you but just your FRIENDSHIP, for LIFETIME. I cannot imagine my life without you now because it’s already too late. Maine ek bar samjha liya tha khud ko that I’ve lost my closest friend forever but not again. Continue reading My love will never fade!

I know that you love me, but….

I don’t doubt your love, nor do I disagree of your feelings for me. But what hurts is not finding you beside me when I need you the most. It hurts to see you standing quietly when people are defaming your love. It hurts to learn that you cannot fight for me.

I still do not doubt your love for me. But it is sad to hear you asking me to change just because the world wants to see me that way. Everything around turns blue when you ask me to change my way of loving you. I feel dejected and disrespected when you ignore my tears. Continue reading I know that you love me, but….